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Earl Foss' Brown Derby
Original songs, largely inspired by listening to old country on AM radio, and peppered with a number of wide-ranging influences from the last 20 years of Indie Rock.

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…”This Drinkin' Life" is your father's father's country blues. Think Gram Parsons only more down and depressed… a perfect study in that great guitar twang sound that Nashville has abused for far too long. Good stuff...”>>

"Madison, Wisc. natives Brown Derby looked like they had just stepped out of the Sun Records studios, circa 1957...There were beards galore and I think I spotted a pair of overalls...They started in with a brand of country that I happen to like, a lot...This was straight ahead, grandpappy's-record-collection country: not a trace of irony, down on its luck, and soaked in whiskey...None of it was calculated, none of it designed to gatecrash the country charts or take the world by storm. It was from the heart. Much of today's country has very little of that.">>

Earl Foss’ Brown Derby is an indie-country band from Madison, WI. The versatile 6-piece band, including male/female vocal harmonies and an occasional touch of mandolin, makes the most out of singer John Kunert’s songs, which run the gamut from honky-tonk to 50's pop, but are mostly rooted in the sounds pioneered by real country greats like George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Gram Parsons, Buck Owens and Willie Nelson. Good stuff to dance to.

The Brown Derby makes its home in Madison but travels frequently to play the honky-tonks, rock clubs, festivals, ballrooms, pizza-parlors, wine bars and basements of the upper midwest. The band will play several festivals in the summer of 2007, including the CountryUSA Festival (Oshkosh, WI), the Motongator Music Festival (Wallace, MI) Golden Days Harvest Festival (Green Lake, WI), and the Willy St. Fair (Madison, WI).

Musical Genres
Middle Eastern

Date Created: 2006-07-25
Last Edited: 2007-08-30


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Contact Info
john kunert
608 358 0860
madison, 53711

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Plays Weddings: Yes