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dumate is Hiphop.

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dumate is a Hiphop band. at the end of 2005, they dropped their first studio project: "dumate rite (the known knowns)" with Beau Sorenson at Smart Studios (Death Cab for Cutie), Jim Newhouser at Studio Earth (NATTY NATION), and Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC (The Roots "Things Fall Apart", "De La Soul is Dead", Sean Paul, Britney Spears, and MANY others--> )

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Musical Genres
Rhythm & Blues

Date Created: 2005-11-18
Last Edited: 2007-09-10


mercury rising
the next step in true skool Hiphop Kulture.

Contact Info
Demetrius Wainwright
150 Belmont Rd.
Madison, 53714

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Plays Weddings: Yes