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The German Art Students
Kirk, Andy, Annelies and Randy are your opening band specialists.

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First played at O'Cayz with bands like El Donk, The Mandalorians, The Returnables and Half Japanese. We LOVE playing in Madison and we've signed a non-relocation pact with the mayor. We're getting all the perks that Ray-O-Vac would've received. Sorry Portland.

Musical Genres
Hard Rock/Metal

Date Created: 2004-03-17
Last Edited: 2004-08-04


Civil War Reenactor
Bad pork and hard tack. Where do I sign up?

Disgruntled Figure Skating Judge
Keep your eye on the judge from France.

Contact Info
Kirk Wall
742 Baltzell St.
Madison, 53711

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Plays Weddings: No