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The master of the la salsa in Madison. This summer born a new band of the salsa, with the best sound of the Madison.

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Sandra Faitel is originally from Chicago, but grew up between Chicago and Cidra, Puerto Rico. Sandra trained with her father, a gifted musician and composer, throughout most of her youth. As a young adult, she received vocal instruction at the Fine Arts Center of Chicago, and has deep roots in gospel, jazz, blues, and contemporary Christian music.

David Cooper is widely recognized as one of the most versatile trumpet players in the Midwest.

Cary Sheley has played with numerous musical organizations, including
the show band aboard Cunard's "Royal Viking Sun" cruise ship, where he
spent a year cruising the world with stops in Europe, Africa, South
America and Asia.

Roberto Rengel has played Congas and timbales with such popular local bands as Que Flavor, Fuego Latino and Bombazo.

Manuel Vellon was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, where most of the great salseros come from. He grew up with friends from the barrio who introduced him into the percussion world: Angel "Cachete Maldonado" (Batacumbele), Eduardo Diaz (La Corporacion Latina), Charlie Cotto, Richie Ray, and others.

Pavel Polanco-Safadit is originally from the Dominican Republic. His compositions have been performed in many locations throughout the U.S., Europe, and Latin America

Alex Cuba is from Tabasco, Mexico and is a multitalented percussionist. His instruments include timbales, congas, and bongos. He is also an incredible bass player.

Alejandro Riano, promoter of latino bands in Wisconsin.

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Date Created: 2005-09-23
Last Edited: 2005-09-23


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