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Aniv de la Rev
Madison's finest (i.e. only) punk/cumbia/new wave/merengue rock band!

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Definition of Aniv de la Rev: Mexican slang term--abbreviation of Aniversario de la Revolucion. Aniv de la Rev, Madison's "finest" punk/cumbia/new wave/merengue rock band, has its humble 2003 origins in a dingy student ghetto apartment dubbed "The People's Bunker". Brothers Martin and David Alvarado joined forces with recent Chicago transplant Jim Goronson to explore the possibilities of punk mixed with cumbia and new wave. The next 18 months saw the penning and development of several songs, some party performances, and the eventual discovery of a goldmine in the form of veteran drummer Kenn Busch and his basement rehearsal space/recording studio. "AdlR" began gigging in Madison in the spring of 2005. Original bassist David left the U.S.A. to do labor organizing around the world in mid-2005 and was replaced ably on bass by John "Ernie" Shea and Jim "JJ" Johnson. Then, via the Grace of Providence, Peter "Peter" Brinson assumed the position of FULL TIME arse-kickin' bassist at the end of 2006. We, therefore, are fully ready to assault the magnates of corporate rock...,

Musical Genres
Hard Rock/Metal

Date Created: 2005-04-22
Last Edited: 2007-09-10


El Dishwashero
EL DISHWASHERO selected for the Madison Made Music Project compilation CD benefiting Porchlight, Inc and CAC!!

Contact Info
Jim Goronson
904 Jenifer St. #3
Madison, 53703

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Plays Weddings: Yes