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The Treats
Rock & Roll

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The Treats are a dynamic rock & roll trio who formed in 2000, shortly after brothers/songwriters Andrew and Don Isham moved next door to bass player Tim Payne. After enduring several weeks of his new neighbor's late night bassless jams, Tim had heard enough. So one night he staggered over next-door, bass in hand, and the Treats were born.

The Treats sound is driven by Andrew's vocal melodies and raw guitar combined with the limber rhythm swing of drummer Don and bassist Tim. The Madison, WI trio's music draws heavily from traditional rock & roll and pop, as well as incorporating elements of hard rock, blues, punk, and psychedelia. The result is an excitingly diverse sound with songs ranging anywhere from brash and swaggering rockers and high-octane blues numbers to wistful ballads and dreamy pop tunes.

Musical Genres
Hard Rock/Metal

Date Created: 2004-03-12
Last Edited: 2007-09-18


Blind and Undying


Ever Been Down?

Second Hand Reserve

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