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Yid Vicious
Yid Vicious

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Since well before the turn of the century, Yid Vicious has been enthralling, entertaining, and agitating folks throughout the midwest with Klezmer music running the gamut from the raucous to the delicate. The group has received three Madison Area Music Awards, for Best World Music Artist (2004 & 2005), and Best World Music Album (2006).

Yid Vicious honors the rich traditions of Yiddish dance music while celebrating the long-standing tradition of klezmorim incorporating new musical ideas into an organic and ever-evolving art form. Between its seven members, the band's musical influences include celtic, classical, country, country-rock, dixieland, jazz, latin-jazz, hillbilly, dancehall, avant-garde, swing, rock, church rock, brain rock, reggae and ska.

And the things they've done! Why, they've played summer festivals too numerous to name, folk balls too dizzying to remember, scores of weddings, many many mitzvahs, and the birthday party of a Spanish Civil War veteran to boot. The band has recorded for the Uvulittle and Knitting Factory record labels, and released its third CD, The Seventh Schlemiel, in July 2005.

Critics have described Yid Vicious as "extravagantly entertaining", "an unexpected pleasure", and "brilliant proof" of something (we can't remember exactly what). In 2003, author Joseph Skibell made note of the band in his novel "The English Disease", complimenting the band's rendition of "The Heated Bulgarian" as well as their "outlandish hats and vests".

Best of all, Yid Vicious brings good luck to any occasion, being comprised of seven (7) members: Daithi Wolfe, fiddle; Greg Smith, clarinets; Melissa Reiser, saxophones; Kia Karlen, French horn; Mike pollay, guitar and vocals; Bill Solomon, bass, prima and mandolin; and Geoff Brady, drums.

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Kia Karlen
94 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
Madison, 53714

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