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Berryman, Lou and Peter
Accordion and guitar duo writes interesting funny songs and plays them full time for 30 years from Maine to California. 17 recordings and 3 songbooks later, there's no end in sight.

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Lou and Peter Berryman are best friends. Their friendship survived a brief marriage in the late 60s. They play folk clubs, festivals, concert halls and other venues throughout the country.

Lou Berryman plays accordion, writes the melodies, sings, does the booking and half the rest of the band biz.

Peter Berryman plays 12-string guitar, writes the lyrics, sings, does the other half of the rest of the band biz.

Berryman songs have been performed by Garrison Keillor, Tom Paxton, Peter Paul & Mary, Michael Cooney, Peggy Seeger, and many, many others.

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Date Created: 2004-03-27
Last Edited: 2009-10-06


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Lou Berryman
Box 3400
Madison, 53704

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