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United Sons of Toil
Noisy Midwestern math rock delivered by populist theoreticians.

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The United Sons of Toil are a collective deeply rooted in the grinding noise and math rock that bubbled up from the Midwest during the mid '90s. This is not suggest that the Sons are a retro band in any sense, simply that the hoarse vocals, guitar damage, starts and stops, and sometimes-convoluted arrangements and time signatures hark back to a time when labels like Touch and Go, AmRep, and Dischord lorded over the indie-rock landscape.

A number of other influences reared their ugly heads during the course of the first USoT record, 2007's Hope Is Not a Strategy, notably the angular post-hardcore of outfits like Hoover and Unwound as well as the decidedly socialist bent of the sparse lyrics. Indeed, songs that compare family dynamics with political systems put the Sons squarely in the Gang-of-Four school of populist deconstruction.

Within less than a year, the Sons released their second full-length on May 24, 2008. Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales of the Hunt Shall Always Glorify the Hunter is even more unrelenting than Hope with faster, more ferocious, songs and vitriolic diatribes about the exploitation of indigenous peoples. Lions billows in scope with wiry post-punk screes giving way to more expansive compositions, eventually culminating in epic layered guitarscapes.

A new record entitled When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful is planned for release in early 2011

Musical Genres
Hard Rock/Metal

Date Created: 2007-07-19
Last Edited: 2010-10-26


Revolutionary Panic Attacks


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Minister of Propaganda

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